Ferrari, a GT Wake

10/11/2014 - source: Corriere della Sera (6th November)

Five fragrances that recall colours and sensations of the firm of Maranello.

The fascination of a roaring motor and the scent of fine leather, the colours of the mythical livery of the horse, the combination of exclusiveness and design that represent a Ferrari car: all of this infused in a fragrance.
“We  trusted our usual perfume masters, who worked and created using the best and most precious raw materials: we  asked them to render the complex of emotions , passions and elegance that are typical of GT cars”. This is how Brigitte Wormser, Marketing, Creation and Development Vice-President of Perfume Holding, explains the origin of Ferrari Essence Collection. 

Five different fragrances: from the first, Essence Oud, born in 2013 to the last one, which has just been launched, Vetiver Essence –  that all try to be timeless, ”they combine tradition and innovation, past and future,  just as it happens in the world of GT cars”, Andrea Perrone, General Manager of the  Ferrari Brand underlines.
It has taken two years to develop a collection with which a precise type of Ferrari fan should identity himself. It is in fact aimed at  Ferrari enthusiasts who are more classical and sophisticated than the community of race fans (“to whom instead the previously born line “Scuderia Ferrari” is dedicated”, Perrone underlines).

Every fragrance is matched to a specific bottle customization which evokes colours and hallmarks of the GT world.  As for the first, Essence OUD, the decision was bound to fall on red, the mythical Maranello red.  “actually the choice hasn’t been easy at all, because there isn’t such thing as  a single ‘Ferrari red’ but there are at least ten variants. In the end we have chosen this one, the most intense and the deepest” Perrone says. The Oud fragrance is a worldwide best-seller. Brigitte Wormser defines it a very warm and sexy perfume:  “an accord of vibrating and deep notes deriving from the subtle combination of Oud resin and rose”.

The same inspirational work has been done for each of the other fragrances of the Ferrari Essence Collection.
In the case of Essence Musk the white bottle expresses the typical brightness of GT cars whereas in the case of Leather Essence brown leather with visible stitching wants to recall the sophisticated leather interiors with “saddle stitching”; the fragrance evokes oriental leather emanating strength, sensuousness and elegance, Brigitte Wormser explains. For Cedar Essence, which features fresh contrasting notes reminding of the free emotion of travelling on open roads, the choice went for the elegant blue Ferrari Tour de France, whereas the new born Vetiver Essence, recalls in the bottle the legendary Silverstone grey, which becomes the leitmotif colour also for the leather cap detail.  “The result is pure sophistication. Just like in Vetiver Essence, one of most charismatic existing ingredients” Brigitte Wormser states.

The public Ferrari Essence Collection addresses is a global one: “Latin America with Brazil in particular is an important market as well as the Middle East. North America is growing and we foresee a big development within the next three years. And the same applies for Russia and Singapore, that is to say the same reference areas of our car world” Perrone says.  If having a Ferrari represents a series of pleasures that are left to few lucky people, wearing one of Ferrari Essence fragrances becomes a special experience: driving a GT car is a matchless experience but the olfactory experience is just as intense.

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