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La Perla

In 1954 Ada Masotti opened in Bologna, Italy, a little corsetry laboratory with a name full of promises: La Perla. She was trained in the best city atelier becoming a skilled corset maker. Thanks to this artisan training, Ada Masotti laid down the foundations of that unique know-how that is still today integral part of the La Perla philosophy.

Since October 2008 the company is owned by JH Partners, a San Francisco-based private equity firm established in 1986 and focused on investments in growth-oriented middle market consumer products and services companies, with a particular emphasis on luxury brands.

La Perla DNA: artisan matrix, knowledge of the female body, fusion of innovation and tradition, Italian identity, research of total quality.

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La Perla J'aime Elixir

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previous lines

La Perla Peony Blossom

LA PERLA PEONY BLOSSOM Eau de Toilette reflects a subtle seduction.
She is a confident and modern woman: her beauty appears illuminated from within. Satin, silk and pale, crystalline jewels shimmering against bare skin. Her fragrance fascinates, capturing the light. Like a discreet yet perfect diamond to be worn anytime, anywhere, with timeless style.

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La Perla J'aime Gold Edition

LA PERLA J’AIME Gold Edition is an ode to the eternal elegance of gold: a declaration of love, enveloped in a brillant sophistiction of gold. 


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La Perla in Rosa EdP

A sensation of pure joy intensified by the radiant bouquet of La Perla in Rosa EdP, the fragrance for a naturally and seductive young woman.

A fragrance that embodies the essence of La Perla's femininity in playful sensual chypre accords.


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La Perla Just Precious

Eau de Parfum


La Perla lingerie is as treasured and refined as the finest of jewelry. It's an intimate secret you keep as carefully as a precious stone ...

Wearing the finest lingerie feels like wearing a sparkling and sumptuous jewel... Femininity can be hidden under your clothes, against your skin or can be luxuriously exposed with a sparkling and luminous rock against the skin of your neck...

Whatever, it remains a woman's most precious seduction weapon... la Perla Just Precious.

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La Perla Classic EdT Restyling

EdT and bath line

Identical to the original Eau de Toilette created in 1987, the fragrance is a great classic chypre with an elegant blend of feminine top notes: mandarin and asmanthus.

In the heart, rose plays with its timeless seduction. An iconic trail of patchouli and sandalwood leaves then an unforgettable signature.

The new bottle is a renewing of the first bottle designed by the famous Pierre Dinand in 1987: sophisticated and pure, all curves and sensuality, with an elegant silver signature.

To complete the Eau de Toilette, the range includes as well a delicate body cream, a voluptuous moisturizing body lotion, an exquisite shower gel and a deo spray as well.

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LP Divina EdP

. . . even more sensual and irresistible

After Divina Eau de Toilette, Divina launched the Eau de Parfum, even more sensual and irresistible.

A fragrance made for the woman leaving a cloud of desire and sensuality wherever she goes.

Everything about her is captivating. With a beauty that is timeless, modern and divinely sensual, she is Divina . . . .

She loves to invent roles for herself and nothing flatters her natural sensuality more than the role of the "femme fatale" . . .

Irresistible Divina Eau de Parfum embodies the intense and sensual femininity of a young La Perla woman.

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LP Divina EdT

a luminouse encounter. Pure attraction

The seduction of lingerie that is an intimate companion to beauty and to breathtaking femininity that is both natural and sophisticated. La Perla  is today celebrating a beautiful, sensual, timeless and ever-surprising woman. Divina is her new fragrance.

Traditional seduction and a modern kind of sensuality reassumed in a name. An Italian name that sounds of timeless seduction and dreams. A feminine world inspired by La Perla. A simply seducing fragrance.

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LP in Rosa

a new fragrance for young women

All La Perla elegance in a womanlike, sparkling and mischievous fragrance.

With this new fragrance La Perla offers its iconic bottle to the natural beauty of young ladies.
We wanted to express the spontaneity of seduction, the fresh and tender smile and the light spirit of a feminine and elegant girl.

She seduces without even knowing it… with a sparkling mischievous look in her eyes… With her new modern Chypre fragrance with fruity accents that dazzles spontaneous “joie de vivre”…

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LP Classic EdP restyling

. . same fragrance of the original La Perla classic

The whole La Perla sophistication and seduction in an iconic fragrance.

For this timeless seductive cyprus fragrance, we wanted an iconic bottle. What better idea than returning to the original one, designed by the famous Pierre Dinand in 1987. This bottle, all curves, is the mirror to the extreme femininity of a delicate cleavage.

The timeless womanliness of the rose and the elegant trail of patchouli enwrapped in a historical bottle make La Perla Classic,  a classic of perfumery.

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LP J'aime La Nuit

. . un nuveau secret nocturne

La Perla J'aime creates the queen of the night, symbol of all that is synonym with mystery, magic and desire. The unknown becomes intriguing, sensual and tantalizing.

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LP J'aime les Fleurs

love reveals itself in a flower

An irresistibly feminine and sensual perfume, a floral dream combined with amber and musk which underlines the unique radiance and beauty of every woman. The new perfume sends a special fragrant message of love to each and every woman-flower.

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LP J'aime

. . a declaration of Love

J’aime La Perla is a declaration of love for a brand that has made passion its trademark. A charming and exquisitely feminine fragrance that reveals its surprising soul through a sophisticated flowery bouquet and a sensual become enveloping embrace.

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