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John Galliano

A well-known man, a celebrated name: a man with a high awareness of man his high fashion image: celebrity, trendy and luxury.

The uniqueness and richness of the brand: Dazzling, theatrical, and glamorous.  A highly-anticipated new fragrance brand in the industry.

John Galliano fashion consumer is looking for dazzling glamour and the ultimate in femininity. She wants to be unique, to surprise her entourage. She loves the high fashion image of the man John Galliano.

latest launch

John Galliano Before Midnight

the first men's fragrance

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previous lines

JG Parlez-moi d'amour Charming Edition

Parlez moi d’Amour introduces you to its Charming Edition.

A Parlez moi d’Amour Eau de Toilette decorated with a girly charm that can be used as a bag jewel… Hidden in a folding box covered with love words…

The fragrance remains the original fruity floral one where Blueberry, Ginger and Bergamot merge into a very feminine floral heart made of Rose, Jasmin and Lavender whereas the musky base note seals the love story . . .  a combination of fruits, flowers and musk for a new and unforgettable effect.

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JG Parlez moi d'Amour . . . Encore

Parlez-moi d’Amour takes a new step ahead and reverses the fairy-tail

Once upon a time, there was a modern princess who decided to go and awaken her Prince Charming…
It’s the story of modern, uninhibited romance, full of desire and daring pushing our young woman to write her
own fairytale and take by the hand the man who will speak to her about love… again… and again.
This modern princess found her addictive and sensual love potion in a new mysterious purple envelope stamped with an elegant silver flower

•  For a modern and self-confident princess who dares to act
•  A new addictive floriental fruity love filter
•  Same bottle but with a new and mysterious purple colour

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JG Parlez moi d'Amour Eau Fraiche

A waterfall of freshness with Parlez Moi d’Amour signature

After romantic and sensual love, this new Parlez moi d’Amour chapter "’Eau Fraîche” takes inspiration from the sparkling freshness of these first love experiences.
We wanted to capture, in a luminous fragrance, a touch of the freshness and lightness that belongs to the romantic encounter.

Eau Fraîche is a story of laughters, games, billows, walks by the water which make this romance become a moment of un unforgettable freshness.

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JG Parlez-moi d'amour

In his new evocative Eau de Toilette Parlez-Moi d’Amour John Galliano captures love relationship and romance and bottles first love for a new generation.

“At the time of the internet, mobile phones and e-mails the art of falling in love seems to have lost its appeal. I wanted to create an essence combining the soul of a modern muse together with the challenge of an adventure which translates these feelings into words. I wanted to create a young and fresh perfume resulting unforgettable”.

John Galliano

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JG Number 1 fragrance

by John Galliano

"I have always wanted to capture the essence, the elixir of my elusive muse, that has entrapped me, and I'm constantly chasing after her, I think scents are very sensual, very central to capturing the mood, a perfume has to tell a story, the story is about the Galliano Girl, my muse, she is looking for her essence, and she doesn't want something she has smelt before or on others".

John Galliano

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