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Grigioperla was born in 1991. It’s men’s alter-ego of the already established women’s lingerie brand La Perla. It was the first men’s underwear high range brand  in Italy, which in a few years would become a reference brand in its line for business. It addresses a demanding man, with classical and sophisticated taste, searching for a top level product, combining elegance, quality and comfort.

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GP Uomo

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GP Nero

Style and strength

A new woody cologne, elegant and modern. In the dry-down, the vibrant woody signature of the formula comes out as the elegant cedar-wood mingles with noble patchouli.

GRIGIOPERLA is the masculine expression of the legendary Italian lingerie label La Perla. With its bold, body-conscious design in cool cotton, GRIGIOPERLA represents the ultimate edge in modern underwear for men who place equal value on comfort and style, ease and elegance.

From body wear to fragrance, GRIGIOPERLA dresses bare skin with boldness and distinction, and now introduces GRIGIOPERLA NERO, a compelling new composition for men.

GRIGIOPERLA NERO is the fragrance of a man with an innate sense of style a man who strides through city streets and crosses continents with the same free, easy elegance. Just as the finest cotton hugs the contours of his male forms, so this ultimate skin scent caresses his body, echoing every movement of his finely toned muscles. By day or by night, it subtly signals his presence, amplifies his aura, asserts his strength and sensuality.

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GP Essence

emotion essence

After more than 15 years from the release of the first fragrance Grigioperla Perfumes place themselves among the main brands of selective perfumery.

Men are continuously in search of genuineness, through the contact with nature, rediscovering human values, the search for the farthest place from everyday life.

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