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Iceberg was founded in 1974 as an innovative-revolutionary project by Giuliana Marchini and Silvano Gerani . The couple already owned the Gilmar company specialized in high quality knitwear and settled in the provincial area of Rimini in Italy.
Their idea was to position Iceberg as a lifestyle brand in the luxury sportswear line of business and to emphasize their own specific lifestyle capitalizing on their values and to make it very recognizable.

Italian style and creativity are the DNA of the Iceberg brand which is becoming an icon of sportswear couture. The collections are present at the Milanese fashion week through an artistically original show.
The distribution is done through 2600 doors all around the world, mainly in Europe, America and Asia.

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Iceberg Tender White

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Iceberg White

After the success of Man’s line, Burning Ice, launched by Iceberg last year, the Italian label is now boldly offering its woman’s alter ego: ICEBERG WHITE.

This new expression of the iconic brand name develops an intensely feminine fragrance, a mix of contrasts by which the invincible power of the iceberg intimately fuses with the extreme purity of absolute white.

The ICEBERG WHITE woman is not naive – far from it. Her luminous radiance comes from a personality reflecting inner serenity and self-confidence. She is a game of opposites: strength and softness, sensuality and sophistication… Her femininity is not a weapon of seduction, it is the very expression of who she is. Vibrantly elegant, she counts on her deep confidence to make an unforgettable, lasting impression.

ICEBERG WHITE reveals her just as she is: the force of pure beauty.

The fragrance, a floral fruity woody juice, plays on tangy freshness and warm sensuality, for an unforgettable sophisticated and seductive trail: Juicy pear, Peony petal and
Soft musk.

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Burning Ice

The Iceberg is where the story starts… the story of a Perfume

A perfume launch centered on the brand name, playing on the symbolic elements represented by the Iceberg.
A perfume of contrasts: The Iceberg is a duality, embodying contrasts and oppositions

The Burning Ice Man: The seductive attraction of opposites. Fire and ice are essential elements in his character. A powerful duality that embodies the raw icy strength inspired by the of the brand, polarized by strong sensuality. Strength and Sensuality, his fragrance is like him. An alliance of sharp cold and voluptuous incandescence, a subtle exchange between the extreme freshness of the head notes and the burning sensuality of the dry-down, lingering in the steps of its wearer like a fragrant echo of his own character.

An unexpected and a strong fusion of opposites, a dual identity of masculine strength and sensuality that expresses the very spirit of the new Iceberg man.

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Eau de Iceberg collection

the essence of chic simplicity

2010. From the classic and iconic line of ICEBERG a new collection is born: EAU DE ICEBERG. Every year new scents – fresh, simple and modern – will capture the essence of ICEBERG, reinterpreting its iconic elegance. These scents will always make you feel right, anytime, anywhere, leaving a discreet but distinctive signature… ICEBERG.

EAU de ICEBERG, Eau de Toilette pour Femme, Eau de Toilette pour Homme.

The project derives from the passion for perfumes of Paolo Gerani, Gilmar CEO who personally supervised all various steps in the fragrance’s definition and creation. He’s an enlightened collector of modern art in particular, with both classic and contemporary taste.

2012 two new fragrances to complete the collection:

Eau de Iceberg AMBER pour Homme: this fragrance was entirely created around a symbolic ingredient, the amber.
All amber’s facets were explored; the fresh and marine facets were contrasted with the sensual,
warm and wrapping aspect of amber.
In this unique blend, amber becomes magical, almost mystical, sublimed by other resins and precious woods to create a male signature.

Eau de Iceberg WILD ROSE pour Femme: opening on a sparkling burst of Italian citrus –Italy’s orange, Italy’s mandarin - highlighted by a fresh touch of ginger, the heart of the fragrance reveals the natural feminine bloom of wild eglantine infused with a luminous blend of grapefruit flower and lily of the valley. In the dry- down, this radiant floral heart unveils its delicate sensuality through a vibrant cedar wood enveloped by ambergris and musk

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